UPLC Partnering with Sam Santiago on Mission Trip

UPLC will be joining in partership to send long time and youngest member Sam Santiago on a mission trip to the Philippines where he will be teaching and instructing other worship leaders how to better serve their congregations. He will be traveling with the Saddleback Church’s student worship ministry called […]



2nd Sam Santiago Concert Huge Success

Headliner, Sam Santiago was truly amazing with his own renditions of classic Hits from the 50’s and 60’s and a mix of a couple of more recent numbers.  Sam not only performed nearly 30 different songs but also blew us away with his cover of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” showing a new talent by […]

July Concert

Recently a concert was organized by UPLC for young artist Sam Santiago. Sam is 13 years old and has been singing since he was 6 and performing since he was 8.   Manny Evaldez one of UPLC’s favorite adult artists also performed. Manny has a voice that is unmatched and brings down […]